Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back In The Swing Of It

On a happier note I raided with the guild for the first time in weeks last night and it was brilliant fun. It was like what I remember from the old days in BC and Vanilla. I lost track of two hours!

The people were all very nice, and mostly very talented (although one or two did have a recurring problem staying out of the bad stuff). We're going to continue tonight and hopefully down the harder bosses we just had a taste of last night, Putricide and Blood Princes. A few of us hadn't done them before but now that we've experienced the fights a couple of times I've got high hopes that we'll be able to down them without too much difficulty. They're actually really fun fights once you have an idea of the mechanics. I was assigned to keeping the orbs off the floor in Princes and at one point was darting around the room firing off Living Bombs and Fireballs all over the place!

Can't wait for tonight. :)

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