Friday, June 18, 2010

Guild Drama - A New Perspective

If you've ever been an officer or a GM you would understand and empathise if I was to say that I hated guild drama - but that's not what I'm going to say today.

I actually quite like it.

But let me clarify that for the two people who are still reading.

When I say "guild drama", in my head I am not referring to nasty things like bullying, guild banks being ninjaed or GMs abandoning their guilds with no prior warning. Things like that are hurtful and are in no way capable of being viewed in a positive light.

The type of guild drama I'm referring to is, for example, when a small group of players decide to leave for a more progressed raiding guild. Don't get me wrong, this sort of thing can be quite detrimental to the guild left behind. Along with the loss of players they suddenly have to deal with the fact that they're not as uber as they thought they were. And if officers have left, they will need to be replaced, which could prove very difficult.

However, I would argue that this could in fact be a positive situation. Yes, the guild has lost a few players, but this leaves room for recruitment and allows a chance to fix the stagnation that led to them leaving in the first place. If you recruit carefully you may even find the kind of player everyone really wants - those slightly greener players who are so grateful and so excited to be invited to a guild that they work their little butts off to be the best guild member they can be.

And if you're not able to find new guildies straight away you can pug a few raids. This can be a lot of fun (come on, everyone's had at least ONE fun pug run) and can find those elusive new guild members. At the very least, dealing with terrible pugs can remind those remaining guildies of just how valuable their guild is.

Let's take another guild drama situation. Let's use the old, familiar tanty that comes from that player left sitting on the sidelines after the raid team for the night has been chosen. I can already hear the officers sighing in frustration; but hold on a minute here.

The reason this person is so upset is because he or she CARES about that raid spot. Would you rather have a guild full of players who don't care if they raid or not? Who don't care if they're gemmed or enchanted correctly? And who don't bother to turn up to raid half the time?

The player chucking the tanty probably needs a bit of a talking-to regarding appropriate behaviour but I believe this is a small price to pay for the knowledge that you have guildies who care about raiding so much.

I hate writing conclusions so I'll just say this - instead of getting on your high horse and rolling your eyes next time there is a bit of drama in your guild, be grateful you have players who care enough to create it.

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