Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making Epics Epic Again

So I hear that Blizzard is bringing the epic back to epics. They've finally decided to listen to us when we say an epic is not very epic if everyone's got it. Just to be a little bit grumpy, I would say this is a little bit obvious. /grumpy

I'm actually really stoked at this, though, and I really want to keep this a positive post. The post I linked above is very small and in the scheme of things a minor change to be made to the game, but in the big picture this is HUGE.

Firstly, as I mentioned, Blizzard LISTENED. Really listened. Not to the endless whinging crap about rogues being overpowered but to the intelligent, well-thought out analyses of one of the reasons the game has soured slightly.

Secondly, this opens up the floor. If Blizzard finally understands this point about epics, perhaps they are or would be willing to look at things like raid difficulty. If you follow that link above and go to the next Blizzard post, you'll see a quoted post that explains the point I am trying to make with dungeon difficulty. Nowadays almost everyone has killed the Lich King in some way, shape or form, but back in the day maybe one guild per server could finish 40-man Naxx. Maybe. And they had the very pretty purples to show for it. And when we looked at them, we knew they were GOOD. And we wanted to be like them. So we worked harder! (And played more and paid more, Blizzard.)

The reason the game was so successful to start with (in my opinion) was because you had to work so hard to get the shinies - whether it was shiny loot or shiny boss kills. And when you did, you gained status within the community. So I'm glad to hear Blizzard is looking at trying to bring this back.

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