Friday, June 25, 2010

Ninja! Dun dun dun....

Well, I woke up this morning and the first thing I wanted to do was write a post about the ninja who was in our raid last night. I have to say that I've only rarely experienced being ninjaed - and in this case I hadn't even rolled on the item - but it's not a nice feeling. And this one was a little out of the ordinary. I would really like to name and shame this person but I don't think it would accomplish anything. The word will have already spread around my server, and this person will be lucky to get a pug run in the near future.

First I should explain that last night's run was a guild run, made up of 20 guildies and 5 pugs (3 of which joined our guild during the run). Before we even started moving toward the trash the loot rules were laid out. They were the usual - one main spec piece per run, unlimited OS, BOEs MS only and otherwise going to the guild bank, saronite to the guild bank. It was not specifically stated that you can only roll on your class' main armour class (mages on cloth, shammies on mail etc) but this is not unusual; the 1 MS per run clause is usually enough to cover this on my server.

Not this time. Basically what happened is that some cloth gloves dropped off Rotface. Two people rolled on them - a resto druid and a warlock. The druid won, and the officers went quiet to discuss. During this time the loot master (who was brand new to the job) accidentally passed the loot to the druid, as they had won the roll. There was no objection from the warlock but a few others in the raid spoke up in protest as it was a cloth piece, and therefore the warlock's main spec. Neither the druid nor the warlock had previously won anything. The officers agreed that it was the lock's main spec and asked the druid to please pass the loot to the lock. The druid - who had seemed like a very nice person up until then and a competent raider - completely changed their tone and began arguing. They refused to hand the loot over, insisting that they thought they deserved it, and instead quit the raid and hearthed.

Earlier in the raid the loot master had set the loot threshold too high which had allowed one of the pugs to loot the saronite. This pug ran all the way back to the boss to loot it and passed it straight to the loot master when asked. I think, if this pug had taken the saronite and hearthed, like any normal random ninja, it would have been better than what this druid did.

Perhaps I'm biased because 90% of my toons are cloth wearers, but I consider this to be one of the worst forms of ninjaing I've seen. As it is, there are three cloth-wearing classes eligible for cloth loot - priests, mages and warlocks. But half the Wow population seems to feel they are entitled to roll on it too if it's an upgrade. If this was accepted, priests, mages and warlocks would have to compete with ele shammies, resto shammies, boomkins, resto druids AND pallies for their gear. Ele and resto shammies have spellpower mail to roll on as well; boomkins and resto druids have spellpower leather, and pallies have spellpower plate. Priests, mages and locks have access to NONE of this.

So what non-cloth wearers are doing when they roll on cloth gear is expanding their own loot pool at the expense of the poor clothy who can't roll on anything else. Trust me, they have beeen waiting just as long for an upgrade, and yes, they deserve it too.

I put in a ticket, but I sincerely doubt Blizzard will be able to do anything about it. The loot rules were defined but it was not specifically stated that druids can only roll on leather, etc. I'll have my fingers crossed, but take comfort in the fact that this particular druid will now be quite well known on the server for all the wrong reasons.

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