Monday, July 26, 2010

31-Point Talents, Or Why Not Just Spec For Us Blizzard?

One of the things I've always enjoyed in Wow is playing with my talent spec. I really like taking my current spec and playing with it on the Wowhead talent calculator (the best one out there IMHO) to see if I could possibly make it any better. This became slightly less fun after I discovered EJ and theorycrafting and found there was usually only one Best Spec, but I could still have fun with it while I levelled. Every time I levelled a new toon I would play with my spec as I went, every 5 or 10 levels, and make sure I was taking the best talents based on how I was playing. I would also make sure I couldn't be doing anything better in the way I played by checking what my talent points were buffing.

But this is all being taken away by the new 31-point talent trees.

Initially I really liked the idea. After all, there were a lot of boring talents in all three trees that HAD to be specced into (often with 5 points) in order for your spec to be viable. Blizzard promised to remove this, and let us be more flexible with how we wanted to spec. They promised us choice, and that if we wanted the best PVP build or the best PVE build we would be able to take that build and then take some fun talents as well. I was stoked, anticipating hours of fun ahead playing with my talents.

But what Blizzard gave us was Build 12604.

I've already ranted on this over at the brand, sparkly new mage forums at Mana Obscura, in this thread, so I won't repeat myself.

Why don't you just spec for us, Blizzard? If we have to take so many PVP talents when all we want to do is PVE (or vice versa), then why not just give us set bonuses and set talents after we choose either PVP or PVE? Really, even if we want to do both we have to take almost the same talents anyway! So why bother with talent trees at all?

/deep breath.

Okay, end rant. I know this is not the final talent build. And it IS significantly better than the previous one. I will keep my fingers crossed that Blizzard puts a little more work into the next round, though.

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  1. You'd be surprised by how many truly bad, terrible and uninformed players there are out there.

    This change is to help close the delta between very good and very bad.

    Food for thought, not only did Paragon kill Heroic Lich King with the 5% buff, they did it with significantly less gear and significantly fewer Shadowmournes -- and yet there are still people with 30% who struggle to kill normal Lich King.

    Yes, it's true there are more factors than just talents, there's also gear and personal skill. But I've found the silent majority are the ones who are clueless -- just go inspect some non-raid guild Priest and Mages in Dalaran and you'll see what I am talking about.

    P.S. The most disappointing thing to me is losing my personal 22/17/21 Rogue spec for farming boxes.