Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time for a Break... and Time to Get Excited About Cata!

This expansion just seems to drag on and on and on, doesn't it. I was sick of ICC months ago; although I had a resurgence of interest when I joined my new guild. Now I've got my Kingslayer title and I'm just sick of it again, sick of the whole game really. It's just the same old same old. I can't even start a new toon, because it's the same old starting area whichever toon I create. And I don't want to raid because it's the same instances, the same boring fights over and over.

So I've decided to take a break from Wow. It doesn't make sense to me, to keep playing even though I'm not enjoying it. It is, after all, a game. My guild will be fine without me, we have plenty of subs, so all I have to worry about is my own enjoyment.

BUT. This is not the world's most whiny, depressing post. I am SO excited about Cata!

I've been reading up on it a lot, and I'm getting excited about the changes to mechanics. I couldn't care less about goblins and worgens because realistically, I'm not going to roll one of them for the same reason I've never been able to get any of the horde races beyond level 5 - I can't relate to them. But I do care about new talents, new areas, new quests, and new fight mechanics.

In my favourite blog, Arcane Brilliance, Christian Belt discusses this week how the new heroics are panning out in the Cata Beta. His insights are very interesting! Apparently the fight mechanics for heroics have been changed so you must think about what you're doing before diving in, AOE at the ready. You now need to set up as much CC as possible, and still be prepared to use your own cooldowns to keep yourself alive.

Players who came to the game at the beginning of WotLK will get a big shock, no doubt, but I think those of us who have been around since Vanilla will get a massive kick out of this. Remember UBRS? It was a massive pain in the arse because you had to run it a lot to get the good gear at the end, but you couldn't just faceroll it every time. You actually had to think, and make sure your raid was organised and paying attention.

And the atmosphere! This is something I'm hoping will come back, as well. The atmosphere of Blackrock Mountain and all its instances was brilliant. They managed to make it hollow and echo-y, and add that to the molten lava, rocks and potentially deadly mis-steps and you had a really immersive place. Plus those instances were HARD. Not many people on my server got all the way into BWL, let alone AQ40 and Naxx. You knew when you saw Tier 3 gear, that that guild was awesome.

I'm hoping that with the changes to fight mechanics, Cata will bring back the ability to differentiate between the good players, and the casual and not so good players. I have heard lots of people complaining about the potential that this will happen (however remote it may be at the time) over the years but I really believe it's essential to the game doing well. The status and notoriety of the best players is what keeps everyone else trying so hard. The fact that only a few people in the world have the best gear and the hardest kills makes the rest of us want to try harder and play more in order to get to that level. To me, this is a fundamental concept, and one of the reasons why the game did so well in the first place.

I can't wait to see what'll happen when Cata hits!

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