Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cata's Here...

... and rather than levelling my mage up to 85 I left my old guild, transferred my old main to a new server and rolled a new priest there with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend recently decided to get back into Wow, and I'm stoked about it. At this point I had all but decided to quit because I just wasn't having fun anymore, but now that he's playing with me I'm having a ball. We've levelled using the Recruit-A-Friend tool and it's been a whirlwind of new adventures. We can be so choosy about what quests we do (if any) because you get so much XP that you ding from handing in 4-6 quests. And because I can go heals and he can go tank, we get instant LFG dungeons. We're levelling so fast that I'm starting to think about getting ready for 85 in terms of professions and what I'm going to do about guilds and raiding, but I suppose that's getting ahead of myself a bit.

I left my old guild because I just didn't feel connected to them. They were nice enough, but I didn't become good friends with any of them. After my break I came back and felt absolutely no connection to them whatsoever. So it was a case of so long and thanks for the Kingslayer title.

I haven't felt that connection to guildies since I first started Wow more than 5 years ago. Perhaps it's because I've grown up and I can no longer form those sorts of attachments with people I only know through a game. Perhaps it's not that I've grown up, but that I've got a lot more happening outside of the game now and I no longer need to make friends in games. Maybe I just need to get it out of my head that there's a difference between "Real Friends" and "Game Friends". Sure, I can see real friends in real life but really, they're all people.

Whatever the case, in this expansion I want to rediscover my enjoyment of the game (work permitting, of course :S ). Hopefully this fresh new start will let me do just that!

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  1. Good to see you back posting again!

    It takes a certain sort of person to go it alone in a game like WoW; most of the rest of us need connections to enjoy the game. It's good to see that your boyfriend is leveling with you, and hopefully that means that you've got lots of fun times ahead!