Monday, January 24, 2011

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin.

This guy thinks Cata is the worst expansion ever. Not just for Wow, but for all MMOs. Ever.

Have a read of that - and before you scream TROLL!!! let me just say... no kidding. I would call this one of the trolliest trolls in trolling trollness. Trollity.

But, because I like having a vent sometimes, I'm going to gleefully jump right on that bandwagon.

The first point this guy makes is that apparently levels 1-85 are completely devoid of any challenge or intensity. Oh, and apparently mob density has been reduced to almost nothing and they take absolutely no skill to kill.

Okay, well I'm going to have to read a bit further through his post (I'm writing this as I read) to find out whether he has any points that indicate whether he's actually played or not. Levels 1-82, yes, I completely agree. There's absolutely no challenge there (barring playing a healer around levels 20-30). There is a whole lot of fun with the redesigned zones and questing, but no challenge or intensity.

However, around level 82-83, it starts getting hard. When you're questing by yourself you can't just jump in and start killing, you need to start to think a bit. Where am I standing? Are there any other mobs around that could agro onto me? If there are, do I have my sheep/hex/stun up and a pot handy? The respawn rates are very high at the moment - will the mob I just killed respawn on top of me, and if it does am I prepared for it?

Perhaps this is just because I've only played clothies past 80 (although reading through the blogosphere and watching my bf level his druid would beg to differ), but this, I believe, is called a challenge. Finally you need to lift up your face from your keyboard where it had been comfortably rolling and pay attention as you play. And as for intensity, really, that is in the eye of the beholder (player?). If you have mobs repeatedly spawn on top of you, have to throw in a couple of cooldowns, a pot, some lucky kiting, and manage to kill all 5 of them while ending up on about 20 health (yes, that has happened to me, although probably due to my own bad positioning), it is a bit intense (and fun!).

Next: apparently the dungeon finder has completely removed all notion of community and camaraderie from the game. I know this statement comes about a year too late, but I'll respond anyway.

I would agree with this, but only to a certain extent. You no longer need to be in a guild to find a dungeon group, which means you don't have to go to the effort of fitting in and making friends, living through wipes together and learning how the dungeons work. However, in Cataclysm, this notion ends after normal dungeons have been completed and heroics are next on the list.

I can't speak from experience here, as I've only just hit 85 and haven't gotten to any heroics yet, but from what I've heard pug groups from the dungeon finder and even from your own server become almost unbearable from heroics on up. Raids and heroic dungeons require enough skill and coordination that doing them with pugs becomes a lesson in patience. In fact, I hear that if you want to do a heroic via the dungeon finder, you should set aside 2 or 3 hours and be prepared for many corpse runs.

Rather than try and live through that, people are again looking to build on the Wow community and create or join guilds. They are looking to make new friends or reconnect with old ones and tackle dungeons together. This is certainly what I am now looking to do and what many people on my server are also looking to do. And this seems to indicate that it was not the dungeon finder destroying the community at all; rather, it was the widely lamented previous nerf-fest expansion, WotLK. Hmm. I begin to wonder if Mr Wolfshead stopping playing around level 78... or did he ever play Cataclysm at all?

In fact, apparently in order to know that Cataclysm is absolutely terrible, "you don’t need to fall into a sewer to know that it stinks and is full of waste."

Well... when you're completely missing the fact that almost everything you're complaining about (lack of community, lack of difficulty, culture of entitlement) has been addressed and is in the process of being fixed, I think you might actually need to take a deep breath and dive into the "sewer". Perhaps you should actually give it a try before complaining about it? Or at the very least, research a little more extensively!

Overall, I think this is at best, a rather long troll. The poster clearly has no firsthand experience in what he is complaining about and backs nothing up with actual evidence, but has decided to make his opinion known anyway. Well, fair enough, here's my opinion on your opinion, and I very much enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Yeah, I kind of got in a bit of a fight with Klepsakovic over Larisa's post about Wolfshead's, um, observations. I get kind of annoyed when people think that "it sucks because it sucks!" is a valid argument.